Shipp Brothers Towing


Don’t Go Dippy – Ring Shippy!


of ADELAIDE, SOUTH AUSTRALIA was started in September 1937 as a bicycle shop.

oakland4.gif (135695 bytes)Founder Fred SHIPP converted an Oakland Buckboard (or ute) into our first Tow Truck and began towing cars. He was joined about that stage by his two sons – Sydney and Harold, hence the Shipp Brothers name.

36truck2.gif (48335 bytes)We soon bought a larger truck – a ’36 Ford V8- shown here after a complete restoration in 1992. Still operational and used in displays and shows etc.

blitz2.gif (98682 bytes)The ’36 was then followed by an even larger Ex-Army Weapons Carrier – a Chevrolet Blitz which allowed us to offer a complete towing service for vans and trucks – a service which has continued to the present day under the management of Fred’s’ grand-son Dennis, his wife Cynthia and their son, Glen.

That we are Towing and Transportation Specialists is attested to by over 80 years of unbroken 24 Hour service to the public of Australia by four generations of the SHIPP family.

From Ferraris which come to grief to multi-million dollar semitrailers we tow and transport virtually anything.

We are often called in by other Towing Companies or the Authorities to apply our specialised fleet and expertise to recover vehicles from extremely difficult or dangerous situations.MTA

Proud member of the Motor Trades Association of South Australia for over 50 years.

One of South Australia’s most memorable slogans “Don’t go Dippy – Ring Shippy!” is as well-known as the company itself.

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